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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #90: Do I Know You?

tumblr_m56et10pxp1r47bczo1_1280 Have you ever passed by someone you had never met in your life and felt an instant attraction? The feeling washes over you completely and you know deep down, in the darkest recesses of your being that this person means (or meant) something to you…but you have no idea what…

This happened to me and he actually noticed the attraction before I did. He turned toward me, and away from the woman he was with and looked at me and smiled. In his eyes it said everything, it said “I know you woman. Who are you to me?” And when he looked at me I felt it, it was so strong and immediately I felt our story. I wanted to hug him, touch him, be One with him but how can one long to hold, touch, kiss, caress and make Love to someone you’ve never met before? If we existed in another time or place, how would we have acted upon such a strong attraction? Could we have gone up to one another and acted in a way that supports how we both felt?

We have so many hidden barriers around our hearts, minds, body and souls that I feel we can be so far away from who we truly are. One of the questions I ask new people who have come into my life is always…

Without knowing anything but basic survival, without reading the words of others or watching what others are doing on television, without ever being taught a single thing, who do you think you would be?

Can one even see this deeply into themselves?

I asked myself this question once and I saw myself living alone in the woods, one with nature, confident and content in being alone. Men would be drawn to me, wayward travelers looking to be healed, and I would heal them, Love them and they would then be able to do the same for the women in their lives. One at a time, I would contribute to the healing of All by just living in my own truth.

In this world, the man I met that day would not be afraid of me nor I of him. I would invite him in because I need him as he needs me and we would make Love and ascend to heaven in beautiful bliss. He would give to me and I would take of him freely, transforming his Love into the most beautiful experience either one of us have ever endured. We would do this without even knowing each other’s names…for it would not matter. Only that moment in time, that we would miss in this world and gain in the next one, would matter. Just that moment.

But for now, I will only dream of him, of the moment when I actually had a second chance to get close to him to touch him, to look into his eyes and all I would do is simply pass him by and say good night.

Whomever you are, I felt it too…


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