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Crushing on Lyndon

I think Lyndon is cute…Will & Joyce’s friend. However, there may be an issue. I did a one card spread on him and it came up w/ the 10 cups…the next morning I have a dream about him. me, him and Moor I think are at Joyce’s house. Moor leaves and then Lyndon leaves but I yell out “Hey, ya’ll wait for me!” and he comes back and makes me laugh saying “Well you better hurry up” and that’s it. Now this morning I do a reading and this is what it says.

10 cups
5 swords            The Sun
Hang Man            The moon            Page Pent
King of swords        Ace Pent
Knight Pent

This means he can be mine but at what cost. It then goes on to talk about how successful my business will be.

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