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Creating Love – Session #1

  • Memory #1 – He sends me plants…I have a house full. May they grow as the Love we have for each other does.
  • Memory #2 – He takes my hand and asks me to come with him. We drive to a very secluded spot, deep in the woods. We walk out into a huge field and he says , “Look up at us”. I look up at the stars in the heavens and they are shining bright.
    We make Love in that very spot…a reflection.
  • Memory #3 – His thoughts about me – I want to tell her I love her when I go out and when I come in with a kiss, And when at night the lights go out, To let my kiss be the last thing she knows. -Unknown
  • Memory #4 – He doesn’t feel me as I gently kiss him on the forehead and lift the covers to get out of bed. Again today I prepare him breakfast in bed, his favorite biscuits, scrambled eggs, sausage and grits with sugar, salt and butter *giggle*. When I enter the room, he’s already awake and when he sees me enter, he smiles. I Love this man and I do this just for that…his smile.
  • Memory #5 – The phone rings and before I even see the number I know its him, I can feel him sometimes. I answer and he tells me he can’t speak long but he just called to see how I was today and that he loved me. *smile* *humph*
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