Concerning Kingdoms & Queendoms

Author: Saleemah Nwanyimaramma

Understand this, when a man seeks the role of a king, and connects with a queen, that queen is not submitted to him. They are in partnership.

A queen doesn’t surrender to or submit to anyone, not even a king. She only submits to her own will and desires as it benefits her. A king may lead his kingdom, but he doesn’t lead his queen. Rather than submit, she concedes to his ability to determine his own way. There is agreement in the partnership after he has sought counsel with her, which is why a stubborn king is marked for destruction.

The reason why a king doesn’t lead a queen is because she has done the work to rule as well; in fact, it is what qualifies her for queenship. She supports him in his decisions, but can make her own just as well. A queen has legacy to which she can return. She has ancestral lands waiting on her which are not under the governance of the kingdom with which she’s partnered. Because the king is conceded to, if his steps are faulty, then she has wealth and resources, from her own lineage, to continue to sustain her, and can always return home to her place of birth and cultivation.

A queen never loses sight of her sovereignty, never sacrifices it, and understands her partnership is valuable.

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