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Well I just realize the standard is to not be able to hear in dreams, but I can.

Last night I had a dream that I was lying in bed, sleeping, I was dreaming I was sleeping? Wow…ok. And as I was sleeping in this big mansion there was some type of storm going on outside and as the wind blew or thunder rumbled it would shake the entire house and the sound was substantial. Not only could I hear it in my dream, I could feel it.

BOOM!!! *rumble rumble* BOOM! *rumble rumble*

This repeated for some time until I woke up because it was beginning to scare me because I felt the house would tear apart. I woke up in this world and my heart was beating out of my chest. I almost expected to hear the sound in this world but silence. I think I may ask my neighbors if they heard a loud noise last night…yes it was that loud.

So I asked my friend at work if she hears in her dreams and she said no. Honey? Not only do I hear in my dreams I hear spirits or my higher self speaking to me in reality. And its not me, I know my constant yapping, these are clearly not my voices and sometimes the accents are thick and for certain not the sound of my voice in my own head.

I remember when I first heard one, rocked me to my core and I kept asking it to speak to me again but its never on command. Since then I have had several incidents where I hear a voice that tells me to watch out or dont turn that way or be careful. And no its not the voice of intuition, I feel that in my gut along with a warning from my voice. These are different, oh and I even have a witness, my mom, when my brother was in danger once, “they” (the outsiders I call them now) started up her car alarm and made us go out and find him and low and behold, there he was, with his lil friends about to get shot. Wow.

Im not afraid, just wonder what they want. Until then.

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