Breaking Down The Knight Experience

It is extremely important to remember how malignant narcissists like The Knight operate. These are key signs that I ignored that I never will again.

  1. Lack of Accountability: Listen to their past stories. Note if its everybody else fault but theirs. Don’t be fooled by them taking accountability now with you because you may be in the love bombing/valuation phase and they will pretend.
  2. Love Bombing: They will lay it on hard and heavy and make you feel absolutely great. Be on your guard and watch closely for the next phase which is devaluation.
  3. Gas Lighting: Attempts to change the reality of the situation. For example, the knight CLEARLY told me a slew of things to let me know he was being serious. The minute the devaluation phase starts and I caught it he tries to act like NONE of it happened. Now they take no accountability because its the proper phase for it devaluation.
  4. Valuation/Devaluation Phases: Note in the love bombing phase soon after, once they know they have you hooked? The devaluation phase will start. The point when the knight knew he had me was when he told me he loved me and I said it back to him. He didn’t love me but he wanted to know where I was. The MINUTE he knew I was there thats when the devaluation phase started. Almost the night he came over and he said that things started to go downhill.


Sharron? It is critical that you take your time and study these men so you dont waste much time. Thank god it was only about 3 weeks that I wasted. My intuition was so sharp it couldn’t last as long as it could have.

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