Book Review: The Value in the Valley – Iyanla Vanzant

“I am spirit expressing itself in feminine form”

“It is our secrets that keep us in fear. It is said that you are as sick as your secrets. Until you reveal, examine, and unpack the negative emotions attached to the secrets, you are held captive by them. We do not realize that by holding on to the secret we keep it fresh in our minds. What you dwell on grows. The very thing you do not want people to know is the very thing we show them with our behavior and our response to criticism.”

“NOTHING that is yours can be taken away from you. Learn to be patient.”

“The only relationship we can have in this lifetime is the relationship we are having with ourselves. We can not love anybody more than we love ourselves. We can not treat anyone better than we treat ourselves. When you forget You, give up on You, or devalue yourself anyone coming into your life has a UNIVERSAL responsibility to follow your lead.” –That’s deep ya’ll

“We always get what we expect.”

“Silence the voice of fear in your mind”

“When you REALLY love and take care of yourself, no one can come into your life and treat you badly.”

“Our mission is to recognize ourselves as love and open ourselves to receive more of it.”

“Love yourself enough to say NO to that which diminishes you.”

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