Before You Begin: Mistress Diaries

Before You Begin:

Greetings Masters & Mistresses, my name is Mistress Sharron and I am the founder and CEO of Mistress Diaries. I wanted to take this moment to introduce to you what Mistress Diaries IS and IS NOT.

What the Mistress Diaries IS

  • An intimacy, education website. Most people have the sex part down but many lack the knowledge of intimate seduction of their Mistresses.
  • A place for Masters to speak with Mistresses about any questions they may have about pleasing their partners.
  • A place for our Masters to privately learn the art of intimate seduction.
  • A gallery of erotic art that depicts couples engaged in intimate seduction.

What the Mistress Diaries IS NOT

  • What MOST people think. Please view our FAQ to find out why we use the label Mistress & Master here.
  • A venue for practitioners of Sadism and Masochism or Dominate and Submissive to congregate. You are welcome to join our group, however our focus isn’t on any one particular sexual stimulant.
  • A place to “cheat” on your Mistress if you are monogamous or a place to score Mistresses if you are polyamorous or polygamists. My business is in teaching our Masters how to please and honor their Mistresses intimately.

With this being said, we hope to launch soon and bring you all the tools you need to become Master of your domain. We look forward to sharing with you all.

Until then…
Mistress Sharron 💕

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