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Become a Frequent Flyer

I found a brother named Ryan Cropper (@Ryan_J_cropper) on YouTube speaking on Astral Projection (the art of leaving your physical body at will and traveling around). I resonate with him so completely and hopefully you all will as well. I have had multiple people, most recently my brother, come to me about having an Out of Body Experience (OBE) and was afraid. I believe having an OBE is an amazing gift from the Divine that helps us to realize, beyond any doubt, that death is not the end and there is nothing to be afraid of.

But before I focused my energy on astral projecting, I and a few of my sisters were having issues with sleep paralysis or astral paralysis and were unable to overcome it. We were fearful and felt powerless to free ourselves from this state. Its quite a scary feeling not being able to control your own body. Now scientists say its a “glitch” that happens when we are asleep and our mind is fully conscious and we are unsuccessful to move our bodies. However, what scientists fail to answer is, what exactly is happening at this time? In old wives tales they call this state a witch or demon riding your back, holding you down. However, after some research, I have realized that when we are in this state, we are perfectly prepared to astrally project, or separate our consciousness from our body. One of the main things that my sisters and I were afraid of were the entities sitting around our bodies when we did actually wake up in a state of paralysis. Thankfully, after finding Brother Ryan, I know exactly what is going on and now I am no longer afraid. He has provided me with the tools to rid myself of my fear of these powerless astral entities. Just as in life, they only have energy when we give them this and we do this through focusing on them and fearing them.

The ability to experience astral projection during this lifetime is a gift. When you are in a state of paralysis, relax, have no fear and when you are ready, you will be able to separate from your body and explore the world beyond. Please take a moment to listen to Brother Ryan speak on astral projection, follow Brother Ryan’s YouTube channel, WebsitePodcast on SoundCloud and read all you can on the subject.

Happy Travels <3

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