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Bearing It

Bear3I had a weird dream last night that started off with me sleeping with a bear. It just came into the room and slept with me. When it first got into bed with me, I didn’t react much but when I woke up I was afraid and I coaxed the bear out of the house by pretending to play and then it followed me outside. It stayed in the front yard a while and I threw it a ham and it ate that and disappeared. However there was a black bear, the one that slept with me was brown that was watching me.

Later, I went some place down the hill and as I was coming home, talking to someone unseen, the black bear was watching me again.

The Night Before…
I was INSANELY playing Candy Crush in order to get Tony’s picture off my screen and to try to get a million points like Leo. I read the meaning of bears on the dream interpretation sites and none of them really hit home except for one that said I was getting tied up into the wrong things. Makes sense.

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