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Bag Lady

There’s this bag of bricks still hidden away somewhere and I don’t know how to begin to find it. I think it may be the last bag of bricks I need to destroy. They only interfere w/ my life’s journey every now and again. Life right now, I have lost a total of 11.5lbs and when I weighed in today those bags of bricks manifested and I don’t know why, I need to figure it out. This bag is etched with the word “self-destruction”. Why this bag is even here is beyond me and I can’t discard it because I don’t know where it is.

With my bag etched with “self-hate” I only discarded it when I told Moor I wanted a divorce. So something in my life is attached to the “self-destruction” bag by a string. Once I get rid of that “something” I feel the “self-destruction” bag will go with it.

Here’s to finding that “something”.


What’s in my head (Brain dump, just writing words)

Hopeless aspiration speared to live south of never hopes appear. My life full of mental tags set by a ocean of restless nights. Never foretell the secrets of life to form a womb of loves light. Sacrifice one or more final takes on a life postpones. Whispers of a nameless fear comes with a decades light. Self imposed limitation lurk, healthy impressions of mental dilapidation. Love, hope, fear, anger and love all rotate a spirits goal. To live life to its end and set itself among the hopeless dead.

Tell me of hopes star. Does it wonder of earths tear? Finalize, finish gross disparages to leave a life glowing in love. Never forget what was once told to find and end…hopes goal

Wow! That was very insightful. I will do these mental purges more often.

Things to draw

+ Spanish moss tree at night by a lake with lightening bugs
+ A first person view with glasses looking at a little girl that also wears glasses
+ A lotus flower surrounded by light and darkness

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