Awaken the Master: A Share from The Mistress Diaries

As a man, do you think the conquest of women, keeping secrets and lying to increase female following is what makes the man? Is a man who does such things possibly intimidated, even afraid of, every. single. woman. they are engaged with? Why would a Master be hiding anything? A Master says, “This is who I am, accept it or leave it.” Does a Master, a King, a man, slink around in darkness, whispering and hiding, lying and manipulating to increase the number of women in his harem, with plans on providing or caring for none of them? Is a Master so emotionally involved with his dick that he defines himself by it? Or are your women defining who you are by how well you submit to them? When you speak to your sons about who a man, a Master, is, does it involve telling lies about who you really are and having people Love you based on the lie?

Really think about this…what about that speaks of a man, a King, let alone a Master?

My brothers, it’s time to rise up and be who you were born to be. A leader, a protector, provider, a Lover. Rise up! Become the Masters you were born to be. – Awaken the Master, The Mistress Diaries

It IS about time. I am done with dealing with men with the mentality of little boys and revering them as Kings and Masters…I fuck gods!

I am a Mistress, a Queen, in the truest sense of the words and I deserve a Master in my life. I am so excited about The Mistress Diaries, its about time that the Queens, the Mistresses of the world, begin to cultivate Masters who know and understand the importance of themselves and the Queen, the Mistress, the Lover, the Goddess. Only a woman can teach a man how to Love a woman. It’s time to stop learning how to do so from “his boys”.

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