There isn’t much your girl can’t speak on. Almost out of the womb I was facing so many challenges that I COULD. NOT. IMAGINE reaching the age of 18. There was absolutely no way I saw myself living that long and here I am almost a half a century old, 44 years, and I am finally able to enjoy this life I was blessed with. I was always blessed but I was so focused on what “humans” had to say and how I let them treat me this world was a miserable place for me. Now I know that this life is a gift and because I have had so many different life lessons I finally want to share with the world how I survived.

I never had any intentions whatsoever of EVER…listen? EVER sharing any of this but Im tired of not living my life because I dont want the hassle of interacting with unkind people. I know now that you WILL NOT have sunshine without the rain just because its raining doesn’t mean it will last always nor do we have to stand directly into its over. We can watch from a distance as well as dance in it.

I shared much more than I ever thought I would, in a world that had been, at times, so unkind. However like I said before about you wont have Sunshine without the Ran? Well You will not have Rain without Sunshine and thats why I’m here. To Light up the darkness. So it begins…

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Self explanatory, as much I have struggled with food as a coping mechanism, I’ve finally learned to eat to live but what I eat will be a symphony in my mouth.

Im a Foodie

There are few things I will miss about this world when I finally leave my vessel and Music is one of them. The sound is so hypnotic, I see it truly as medicine from God.

Music, My Love

This category needs work. As I’ve been in seclusion so long I haven’t really traveled like I would Love but all of that changes now. Expect exciting places and experiences of the World here.


My Video Blog (vBlog/Youtube) is my platform to show my face and share my life experiences.


Everything I learned about Business is here along with my journey retiring myself from Corporate America, starting my own business…and then going back to Corporate America again…to get it right this time.


Is that a word? Probably not yet here is where I will be speaking on happenings in the world outside my little world.


lol Ok they aren’t really book reviews as I said before, no one was ever was supposed to see any of this, however I will do better with my future book reviews since its public now.

Book Reviews

Love’s Chronicles outlines my GREATEST life lessons in order of experience.

Love’s Chronicles

Listen? Your girl use to Love the thought of being in love and here are some of the Love Letters I’ve written in past “situationships”…sent and unsent.

Letters of Love

“Black and white are the colors of photography. They symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is subjected.”


“Black and white are the colors of photography. They symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is subjected.”

Love Rules

Everything about me personally can be found here. My entire Soul Journey in a blog category, how interesting.

About Me

Now this here? Is when your girl got brought to her knees enduring the rain of Life and rose beautifully as The Phoenix.

The Phoenix

Lessons Learned from past “situationships”

Lessons in Relating

“Black and white are the colors of photography. They symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is subjected.”

The Mysteries

Listen? If you’re religious view this topic at your own risk. Here I will talk about my spiritual journey and where I am currently.

The Sonder

Mistress Diaries is my baby. MD represents how my ideal relationship would operate and how important “right” masculine energy is in my life. Its not about being a side-chick, MD eliminates all this foolish talk. MD is about freedom of intimacy. There is no right or wrong way to experience Love through intimacy. PLEASE see the Mistress Diaries: Before You Begin before even beginning to read any of the material.

Mistress Diaries