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A people divided is a peopled conquered.

I just realized that I had the perfect venue to convey my thoughts and get feedback from my peers. Well if you all didn’t know an Arizona democratic representative appointed by Obama named Gabrielle Giffords, a white woman, was shot in the head at point blank range by some lunatic with 3 names.

Now when I read this, I didn’t have the expected response. I immediately started blasting on the people for thinking that attempting to murder this woman is going to change anything in our government. No I did not vote for Obama and I no longer vote because I realize that what the “government” wants to do they will do. Everyone is looking at Obama as being some sort of messiah for change but I don’t see him as such…I see him a pawn. We are focused on these political parties, republican and democrat, red and blue states when none of it matters its all an illusion.

For example, Obama has introduced healthcare for everyone…but it’s an illusion because the one thing that is killing us…our food and water is not up for vote. We don’t need healthcare we need to not have our foods sprayed with pesticides and laced with poisonous chemicals. It’s as if everyone is being pacified by mere scraps from the white house table. The issues that need a vote by the people will never be brought to the table. We need to stop the government from poisoning our waters, we need to change the curriculum in the public school systems, we need to make sure that these same schools provide nutritious foods to the children; we need the government to not poison our air with chemicals that kill all wildlife and cause cancer in our bodies. But will this ever happen? Will we have a government that cares about its people? I say no.

I say no because these beasts only seek to gain more power and money and there is no power or wealth in a people that are healthy and not looking to the government for any assistance. So what do we do? I personally believe that we need to start detaching ourselves from the matrix. We need to start becoming self-sufficient and home schooling our children. Each one of our homes should operate as a mini-country. We need to establish our own source of income and bring back barter and trade. We need to grow our own foods. We need to make our own clothing. We need to slowly begin to destroy the beast before it even knows what hit it. This can be done but will we do it? I know I personally can’t do it by myself but I have epiphanies of speaking to our people and being assassinated as well. I am ready. I am not afraid of death. I am so ready for an evolution…not a revolution but an evolution. I started an organization called the Worldwide Equal Rights Evolution* (W.E.R.E) but not one person…not one showed support, not even my so-called friends. WERE is all about slowly taking control of our lives buy hitting the beast were it hurts the most…with its money.

We are being divided as a people economically, socially, religiously, sexually, racially and spiritually and our focus is on our differences and not on how we are all the same. We all struggling in this system and steady pointing the finger at each other instead of preparing ourselves to be the Gods & Goddesses that we are here to be. And I understand why some may not want anyone outside our race to be apart of any movements but I see us all struggling to make ends meet.

I want to share a story with you that changed my view on black & white.

I was at my friend’s home with my partner and they had white friends over that they were “cool” with. The white guy opened up and said that he couldn’t get a loan because all of the loans were being giving to minorities and black folks. We broke out in wild laughter and almost said in unison…”We get loans?! Its ya’ll that get the loans not us!” And then we both realized, black & white, that we thinking that one had an advantage over the other was a lie. It was an illusion. Those who mean to rule don’t care about race…they care about power and money and that’s it.

Now I am no fool I know that we must first change self first and then begin to change our own people before we can ever seek to unite with those who have the same face that has been killing us off massively for centuries but is it truly safe to believe that our own people can not be devils? We are such a loving people, we are, and it’s easy to trust so easily but we need to get serious about this. Just because you have the same skin as I does not magically make you an ally. Just because you have a little knowledge doesn’t automatically make you down for the cause.

If we are to build this new world we need to get serious and fast.

  1. We need to not be so open to sharing our ways with people. We need to know the people who are for us. How about tarot readings? trance? credit checks? Photo IDs? home visits? etc to confirm identity.
  2. We need to protect our information and knowledge. How about establishing a coded language? And not letting people know what we really think on open forums like facebook?
  3. We need to start making and selling our own clothes.
  4. We need to start growing our own foods.
  5. We need to start allowing these Queens to be mediums to the Spirit realm to get insight.
  6. We need to start buying what would be useful during a depression. Buying gold is great but what are we going to do with a bunch of gold bars? How can gold sustain us? If our market crashes right now and we enter into a depression who is going to want a gold bar? People are going to want food, water, shelter, clothing, ALCOHOL, etc.
  7. We need to start protecting our books and writing books.
  8. We need to stop frivolously spending money on anything that can’t make us more money.
  9. We need to think.

I am just reaching for ideas here but we really need an evolution now. If we seek to bring open war to the beast I guarantee we will be slaughtered in the streets and in our beds. They rule this material realm and we will need help from the spiritual. It’s as simple as that.

I’ll leave you all with these thoughts, I’m sure I’ll get massacred with words but I had to get this off my chest. One Love.

*The Worldwide Equal Rights Evolution is a global initiative where individuals discuss, highlight and celebrate efforts to enlist equal rights, justice and peace for all. This movement is a virtual dialogue which takes place every month and is focused on discussion topics geared toward generating positive and solutions-based feedback from our global community.

In addition to solutions based dialogue, this movement is also equally about sending a loud and clear message to governments and corporations. In order to ensure that these entities hear our voices and acknowledge our strength in numbers, we will engage in these virtual discussions during normal business hours. Participants will stay home and log into the Worldwide Equal Rights Evolution discussion board and take part in delivering a global and powerful message. These stay-home virtual meetings will take place until each issue we are addressing is satisfactorily resolved.

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